JULY 2000
Dear Sirs:



On the front page of  the July 11 Gazette Business section, a story was titled Sustaining Growth. The title raises an interesting question that the story doesn't answer.  Is  growth really a "Springs'  priority"  (as the subtitle implies)?  Or are growth and its consequences major  concerns of our residents, as several surveys have indicated?

The use of the word sustaining is also confusing. While there has been a great deal of focus lately on the idea of sustainable growth, this idea is very different than simply sustaining (or continuing) current patterns of economic growth. Sustainable growth refers to economic growth which can continue long-term without harming our standard of living through air pollution, water shortages, traffic congestion, negative social consequences, etc.

Simply sustaining the growth patterns we have today does NOT fit the sustainable growth model. At a community forum last month, co-sponsored with numerous local citizens groups, we discussed what sustainable growth (rather than business as usual (growth) would mean for Colorado Springs. We also looked at efforts around the country to establish measures of sustainability at the local level. Those who have an interest in learning more about sustainability indicators can log on to for more information. Sustaining growth is not the same as sustainable growth.

Daphne Greenwood, Director and Professor of Economics


Center for Colorado Policy Studies


CU - Colorado Springs