Colorado Center for Policy Studies

At the Colorado Center for Policy Studies we apply economic principles and research results to critical policy issues through the Program on Growth Issues, the Program on Education Policy and the Program on Tax Policy, with a particular focus on states and localities. Most of our work can be found right here on this website, making it accessible to interested citizens and policymakers. We are a member of the National Prevention Science Coalition. Faculty with expertise in a variety of areas, along with some of our best students, conduct applied research and provide advice and information to state and local governments and nonprofit organizations.

The Elizabeth Cushman Internship in Public Policy  funds outstanding students' participation in this work. through the generosity of UCCS Economics graduate Elizabeth Cushman* to further the education of economics students in public policy research, so as to better prepare them for life after college – in the workplace or graduate study and as a citizen The student awarded this internship will receive a $500 credit toward their spring tuition. The student intern will work on a research topic of mutual interest for 8-10 hours per week during the spring semester and will be compensated at $14-15 per hour, based on student qualifications. Preference is given to Economics majors and minors with demonstrated ability for oral and written communication, working with statistical models, and attention to detail.

The Center operates under all laws governing the University of Colorado, including the Rules of the Regents. We are committed to nonpartisan, fact-based examination of the issues. Statements and publications issued from researchers at the Center do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Colorado or the members of the Advisory Board. We are funded by contracts and grants, in addition to tax-deductible private donations made through the University of Colorado Foundation. Founded in 1999 as the Center for Colorado Policy Studies, the focus was on issues facing the Pikes Peak Region and the state of Colorado. Through the years our work has grown to encompass a broader mission which the name change (adopted in 2008) reflects.


If you have questions or comments please contact:

Dr. Daphne T. Greenwood
Professor of Economics 
Director of the Center